Frequently Asked Questions

How often do vacancies arise?

Vacancies usually arise every 1-2 years, but somebody must leave a property before a vacancy becomes available.

Are there any age or health qualifications?

Applicants must over the age of 60 and be able to look after themselves.

What are the financial qualifications?

Applicants cannot be financially wealthy.

What are the viewing arrangements for the accommodation?

Viewing of our properties is by appointment only, which can be arranged with Trust Manager.

Can my family and I have a look at the accommodation before we make an application?

Yes the applicant and their family will be able to look in and around the property.

How do I make an application?

To make an application please contact us and we will send you an application form.

Do you have a waiting list?

Yes we do have a waiting list.

Can I put my name on a waiting list?

Yes you can put your name on our waiting list.

Will I have to sell my current property?

Yes you will have to be in the process of selling your property or have sold it already.

Are couples welcome? Does this restrict which accommodation is available?

Couples are welcome in all our properties but it’s recommended a ground floor apartment would be best suited to couples.

How long will I have to wait after I've made an application?

Unfortunately there is no time limit, a property only becomes available if somebody vacates.

How is the weekly maintenance charge (WMC) worked out?

The weekly maintenance charge (WMC) is worked out by the Trust taking advice from the Valuation Office on Equivalent Fair Rent on the cottages and the flats.

What would I as a resident be responsible for?

Residents are responsible for paying their own council tax, their household insurance, internet costs and for anyone currently working, possibly also their TV licence.

What does the charity provide/is responsible for?

The Charity is responsible for all household bills and maintenance.

Do you have broadband facilities?

Broadband facilities are available at all our properties, but this is at the cost of the resident.

Would I be able to decorate the accommodation to my style and taste?

All permanent decoration is done by the Trust, ie painting, carpeting etc. Your home can be furnished as you like.

If I currently do not own any white goods, e g a washing machine, will the charity provide them?

White goods are not supplied by the Trust.

Could I replace the carpets if I was able?

Carpets are replaced by the Trust if they deem it necessary, discussion would be required with the Trust before anything other than what the Trust lays in the properties could be laid.

I'm a keen gardener. Would I able able to continue my interest and activities?

The Trust does have its own paid gardener but we would welcome your input into making the gardens look great.

Is it correct that the bathroom facilities only comprise a shower, wash hand basin and W/C but no bath?

All the properties are without a bath.

What is meant by 'capable of living independently'?

The Trust can in no way provide personal assistance to the residents, so each resident must be able to reasonably look after their own needs.

What is required to be 'eligible as a beneficiary of the charity'?

Currently each applicant must be over 60 years of age, and usually downsizing property. Each case will be different so an interview with the Trust would determine whether an applicant would be eligible.

I currently qualify for Housing Benefit? Would this continue if I became a resident?

Yes, being on housing benefit does not change.

Can I bring my pet with me?

Unfortunately the Trust has a no pet policy for all our properties.

Can I have my family to stay with me?

Yes, you can have your family to stay occasionally for a short period, however this would not be possible on a regular basis.

Can I bring me own car and will I have a Parking space?

Yes you can bring your own car and 1 car parking space is available per household.

Is there visitor parking available?

Yes limited visitor parking is available.

Are the properties located near a bus route?

Yes there is a bus route a short distance from the properties.

Is there a Doctor's Surgery nearby?

Yes a doctor’s surgery is located quite close to our properties.

Are there any local amenities nearby such as shops, post office etc..?

Yes local shops and post office are within a short walking distance.

Is there an onsite warden?

No.  The Trust Manager works at the Higher Compton Road site on weekdays only, so any concerns should be addressed to the Trust Manager within this time.

If I have a problem or question will I be able to easily contact the Trust Manager?

Yes the Trust Manager works Monday to Thursday 9-12 (core hours), so any questions or concerns will be happily dealt with by the manager.

Does the Trust provide any social activities for the residents.

The Trust may arrange a coach trip for the day in summer to a destination of the residents choice. At Christmas a lunch is provided for all the residents at a local venue. Any other social event would be arranged by the residents.